CAMP SCRAP June Bundle

CAMP SCRAP June Bundle

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The Camp SCRAP Bundles feature all the fun, inspiration, and play of our Camp SCRAP activities – packaged nicely for you to explore reuse materials and create at home! We provide materials for a variety of fun creative reuse crafts, free creation materials, instructions and tips, and links to some of our videos for inspiration and ideas. We hope these creative reuse kits inspire you to get crafty and play with the unique materials found at SCRAP Creative Reuse. 

Show the world your creations and tag us @scrapportland


  • Dioramas + Monster Boxes 
  • boxes  
  • collage/paper supplies
  • Colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc. 
  • Crafty bits: felt (+ scissors, craft glue) 


  • Cork Friends (Gnomes and creatures) 
  • Corks, Felt, Permanent Markers, crafty items (googly eyes, ribbon, pipe cleaners, etc) 
  • Elmers Glue


  • Straw weavings  
  • Straws
  • yarn,  
  • tape,    
  • googly eyes 
  • (+Scissors)